House and building extensions

If you are looking to improve the space and value of your home or commercial building, an extension is a great way to achieve this. The types of extensions that we are accustomed to building and constructing are as follows:

Single Storey Extensions

A single storey extension is built on part of the house typically to make a home office or new bedroom. Single storey extensions do require building control and possibly planning permission. The greatest consideration when planning to build a single storey extension is the size, the roof, and potential challenges such as the positions of pipes and chimneys. Pajo Construction Ltd can take on a single storey extension from start to finish.

Two Storey Extensions

As would be expected, a two storey extension is a much larger scale than a single storey and costs a lot more. It is also good for you to know that this type of extension can only be built on a detached or semi-detached house with a side plot or garden. A two storey extension is most likely to require both planning permission and building control. If you have already got your planning permission and would love to get the job started.

Multi-storey Extensions

A multistorey extension can be built on any part of an existing apartment block or commercial building. This type of extension often requires extensive project management, labor, and high expenses. A job we can undertake depending on your proximity to our London base.

Side Extensions

A side extension is built alongside the ground floor of a house to gain a few extra feet to the internal layout for a more spacious living area, dining area or to add a breakfast table or kitchen island. This type of extension does require building control but may not require planning permission if it comes under permitted development. Typically, suitable for a semi-detached or end of terrace.

Garage Extensions

A garage which is attached to the house is treated as garage extension. Perfect for creating additional space and changing the look of your house. If you haven’t done so already, we recommend that you decide on the size you want for your garage and what you want to use it for as well as speak to your architect or design professional to come up with the plans that your construction builders can use to work from.

Rear Extensions

A rear extension is built across the full width of the property, and from a spatial point of view it is a seamless way to create space, add value and enhance the appearance of your home internally & externally. Once you have your planning permission allow us to physically create the space you have dreamed up.

Loft Extensions

Extending your roof space will provide you with an extra room, optimize the space and lifestyle of your home as well as increase the value. A loft conversion is considered permitted development and does not normally require planning permission. Things to take into consideration is your existing roof structure, as well as ventilation, lighting, and a new staircase, all of which we can certainly help with.

Garden Outbuildings

Garden rooms or outbuildings are generally within permitted development. Perfect to create extra space which can be used for several different purposes. Whether you want a room for a gym, spa, man cave or other we can custom build it to needs.

Wrap Around House Extension

Wrap around house extension is mostly suited to a house that sites on a big plot of land or has a lot of dead space to both side and rear; perfect for an L-shape side and rear extension. These types of properties tend to be Victorian houses and similar period buildings.

We strongly advise you to contact your local council planning department or architect to ensure that everything is legit before any construction work has been agreed to commence.

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