Driveways & Patios

Driveway Construction

Pajo Construction Ltd can dig out the existing driveway and construct a newly custom designed driveway. We will dispose of the old soil and paving into a skip (subject to hire) and have the new paving put down for you once it’s been delivered and we have taken out the standard steps (subject to budget and specification) which include the following:
  • Digging out the driveway area to its correct depth
  • Prepare the necessary drainage
  • Lay out the edge course and line the base with thick geotextile membrane on the soil base to prevent weed growth coming through.
  • Lay the hardcore down followed by a spread of sand and screed which we level and compact for a solid foundation.
  • Lay the blocks down in the style, colour, and pattern that you have chosen and purchased,
  • Measure and the paving blocks to size and fill the joints and a final compact with a Wacker plate.
  • Sweep off excess sand and jet clean.

Patio Construction

Pajo Construction Ltd can create a patio from new or reconstruct your old one. We can design, plan, and construct a beautiful patio’s and pathways for front, back or side of your property that would suit the style of property, your needs, and your budget. Moreover, will ensure that the patio is installed in the safest way possible and that it is practical for you and your guests.

Our patio’s, driveways, porches, and pathways are all designed and constructed using quality building materials and specialist tools from UK leading suppliers. We can provide you with ideas, guidance, and expert advice on choosing the right stones and slabs and other materials. However, If you choose to make your own plans and sought out your own materials and all that you require of us is to construct, this is something that we can also accommodate.

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