Property Renovation

Residential & Commercial Renovations

Renovating your home, office or shop can be overly exciting but daunting at the same time, especially if you’re trying to do it yourself, not to mention the unforeseen issues that may arise and knowing how to deal with them.

From small to large renovations we can also provide you with the best advice and guidance on transforming your home or commercial property into a newly refurbished luxury. If you ready to start, we can help you get the renovation work underway or start where it was left unfinished.

It is good practice to set schedule of renovation works is essential to both residential and commercial spaces, and we can be scheduled to work on your property provided the availability is there when you need it. It is always best to book us in advance for specific tasks that need to get done. We can help you decide on which ones take priority to get the job done in a more organized and seamless manner that does not interfere with other works going on in the property,

For both residential and commercial renovations the type of work differs from one property needs and requirements to another (internally and externally). The type of property renovation that we deal with includes:
  • Current Condition Assessment
  • Demolition and Structural Stability
  • Floor & Stair Renovation
  • Walls Build and Partitions
  • Plastering and Painting
  • Doors and Ceilings Renovation
  • Drain Fitting
  • Dealing with Damp Issues

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